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Traditionally called Legends of Koh Lanta.

   In the past, both in the commercial prosperity of the Chinese junks, Arab - Malay Take a cruise down the coast to the south of the country. Along the coast to the south. And to the Andaman coast of Thailand. The goal is to put the world in order to stop the vessel resting. Because of the presence of the mountains and the sandy beach is easily observed until after the period preceding the trade is junk. Ko has become the refuge of the monsoon. And people came to stay and settle into the community at a later time. In just five years before World War 2 community has become a tax strategy for the coming trading. Traveling from Phuket to Ranong, who is traveling through Penang and Singapore.

History of York District.

   The year 2544 has been cited as an area of ​​Amphoe Ko Lanta Ko Lanta. Urban areas and has set up a temporary office in the old or the old district. The district office is two floors and wooden buildings in the old buildings are still extant. And nomadic sea gypsies that live in that area was called "Club renal Raya", which I have. Imperial Beach is the beach and the area that is now the District of Sri Raya Island Resort is located on the move. In the house put on an area of ​​400 acres and a ceremonial opening on 13 May 2542 said that the world has a long history for more than 100 years and is a legend worthy of recognition.